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Agency of Industrial Marketing opens its own Academy

AIM Opens its Academy

AIM Opens its Academy

It seems that today, more than ever before, the world is changing in the twinkling of an eye. New technologies and jobs emerge constantly. Just think about it: some 10 years ago we knew nothing about SEO specialists, digital marketing professionals, social media managers, mobile app developers and cloud service experts. And so now more than ever, businesses recognize that people are their most valuable asset. The way the companies nurture the talents of their staff determines the future of the company and makes it stand out among the competitors.

At the same time, using a traditional approach to corporate training is not enough anymore. Present-day learning and development process includes innovative technologies, mobile learning apps, forums and even virtual reality.

The dilemma whether to teach or not to teach is long gone. It is beyond argument that teaching is an essential part of any business.

Understanding that lifetime learning is a key to progress and advancement, the Agency of Industrial Marketing has founded its own Academy. The AIM follows personalized approach in everything. When developing our training programs, we focus on three vital elements, namely who we teach, what we teach and how we do it. At present, the classes are conducted for the employees of the Agency who get to learn about real-life business cases, while having tons of practice. However, the AIM Academy looks beyond just the in-house training: a program tailored for external customer is going to be launched at the end of February.

We keep a close eye on the latest training trends and make sure to implement them in the Academy. We would love to see you among  our students!

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7 February 2017

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