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How effective is your offer

Trade offer: how to evaluate its effectiveness

Trade offer: how to evaluate its effectiveness

One of the most effective tools for increasing sales is a trade offer. It is an obligatory instrument in B2B markets, where manufacturers and distributors need to influence different target audiences and constantly increase sales. However, it often happens that for some reasons, the offer does not work to the full capacity as planned. In such cases, it is necessary to carry out a research and find out what led to the low effectiveness of the promotion and how it can be improved. This is what one of our regular customers did.


An International company, one of the key producers of thermal insulation materials.


The construction industry of Ukraine is constantly developing; new building materials and technologies appear, including the segment of thermal insulation materials; new players enter the market. All industry operators are competing for the end buyer of their products, for some place on distributors' shelves and retail chains.

Promotional offers are one of the most popular and effective tools used by manufacturers to stimulate sales and promote their products among distributors.

Tasks for our contact center

The Company, a manufacturer of insulation materials asked us to evaluate the success of its promotional offer for points of sales involved in selling building materials, including the Client's thermal insulation materials. Under the terms of the promotion, points of sales were to buy products at discounted prices from their distributor and make a number of actions to get some bonuses from the manufacturer.

The tasks for our contact center were:

  • to edit questionnaires for the poll;

  • to conduct a survey of the participants of the offer (the participants were divided into two groups depending on how they fulfilled all conditions of the offer);

  • to present the results of the survey.

The research was initiated to find answers to the following questions:

  • why points of sales did not participate in the Customer's promotional campaign;

  • how much the offer influenced the interest of points of sales to the Customer's products;

  • what problems and difficulties the participants had when fulfilling the conditions of the offer;

  • what trade offers are interesting for points of sales.


To perform the tasks, the telephone survey method (CATI) was selected. The team of our contact center developed scenarios for conversations with the respondents and conducted their preliminary testing. In the process of testing, it turned out that in some points of sales several people were responsible for the offer and we had to make some corrections in the database of respondents. During the survey, all respondents' answers were recorded to make a full evaluation of the effectiveness of the Client's promotional offer.


The operators of our contact center interviewed 200 respondents who participated in the campaign.

After conducting the survey, the Customer received a detailed presentation of the research results. Due to the this project, the organizers received information about the problems that the participants had, about the reasons why some points pf sales refused to participate. The Client found out how distributors and retailers generally respond to promotional offers, which offers they consider successful and profitable for themselves and would like to receive from the given manufacturer in the future.

The results of this study will help the Client to avoid mistakes made in the organization of such offers in the future and to increase their effectiveness, as well as customers' loyalty to the manufacturer and its products.

The team of our contact center will conduct a research for you to identify those factors that reduced the effect of the offer or, on the contrary, led to its success. We will talk with your clients and find out what will help make your offers maximum effective for you and for them and what success factors will help you to repeat the excellent result in the future.
5 September 2017

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