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AIM | Hotline & Information Support

Hotline & Information Support
AIM's contact centre provides a hotline service using multichannel fixed lines and mobile services with 0-800 numbers. We offer this service to tackle the following tasks:
• supporting your promotion activities;
• organizing a reference line;
• e-commerce support (receiving orders, delivery coordination, monitoring service);
• booking and selling tickets for your events;
• handling customers' complaints and much more.
Hot Line —
your customer experience management
With the help of hotline service you will be able to maintain constant communication with clients, provide them with timely answers and provide necessary information. All requests and questions from your customers will be received and processed. The hotline will help ensure the high quality of customer service for your company.

Advantages of the hotline from contact center AIM Connect:
— no missed calls;
— high-quality informing of clients about the company, its activities and news;
— sufficient experience and knowledge for work with complex goods and services due to our industry competence;
— compliance with international service standards for contact centers and corporate customer service standards;
— handling complaints; this is a complex element of the client's policy of the company, not every employee is morally ready to work with customer complaints, listen to and calm down angry customers. This requires special qualities and skills - diplomacy, listening skills, stress resistance;
— detailed reports on all communications from clients - based on the information received from clients, you can identify the weak link in the chain "customer need - product / service - customer satisfaction - customer loyalty" and eliminate the causes of dissatisfaction

With our help you will increase your customer loyalty through constant feedback and better service quality and consequently increase your company profits.
Projects of AIM Connect

Client: an international company, a manufacturer of construction chemistry, the product in the project is an updated construction foam with an improved formula and in a new more convenient package.

Tasks for the contact center: informing the target audience, namely the organizations that perform the installation of window constructions, about the updated product; inspiring their interest to test the product at work; agreeing about a further contact with the manager of the client.

Results: the project with AIM Connect has helped the client to launch an updated product, find customers for it, and raise awareness about it among the target audience. More than 90% of the informed installers were interested and took advantage of the offer.
Loyalty measurement

Client: an international company, a manufacturer of roofing materials, the products in the project are roofing tiles.

Tasks for the contact center: determining the loyalty level of sellers to the products of the client with the help of Mystery Shopping technique; collecting information on the competitive brands of roofing tiles which are recommended at points of sales; identifying main reasons for recommending products of one or another brand and brand of the client; assessing service quality the seller provides.

Results: the client received a detailed report with the information on the trademarks on sale and their distribution; a list of competitive brands that sellers recommend instead or together with client’s products; a list of reasons why sellers recommend this or that roofing tile manufacturer.
Сontact center for Kobzov Circus

Client: Kobzov Circus, one of the largest circuses in Ukraine.

Tasks for the contact center: the priority tasks to be solved were working with clients' inquiries, answering questions, informing about time, place of the event, the program of the shows; managing complaints.

Results: AIM Connect contact center has developed and introduced 3 additional services - ticket reservation for the Circus show programs (the conversion for ticket booking reached 40%); ticket delivery; telemarketing (sales of tickets for Circus events to corporate clients). Circus's TOP management receives detailed daily analytical reports with information on the number of tickets booked, the effectiveness of various media campaigns, and the social and demographic characteristics of clients.
Our clients
Industrial competence AIM

As a member of ESOMAR, AIM contributes to the development of market research and promoting the idea of effective data that integrate business process management decisions. AIM adheres to ethical and professional principles and standards of ESOMAR, recognized researchers and analysts from around the world.

As a member of the UMA, the Agency of Industrial Marketing Kodekstu follows ethical and quality standards for marketing research. We use civilized methods of research preach honest relationships with our customers and protect the rights of the respondents.

AIM supports the policy and mission of AEE promote energy saving and energy efficiency to be socially responsible and improve quality of life. We combine our knowledge and efforts with the knowledge and efforts of the international community to jointly find new ways of saving and intelligent energy consumption.
B2B Fest

AIM collects annually on marketing industry networking event from B2B - business forum B2B Fest. We invite all marketing professionals to share their experiences and ideas on technology marketing automation and data integration market research, marketing activities specialized in complex markets, exit strategies for foreign markets and more.

AIM shares Satmetrix passion to help customers keep their customers. In our practice we use the method of NPS in order to provide companies data about the level of customer satisfaction with goods and services.
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