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B2B Content Marketing Conference

Yuriy Shchyrin
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We are sure that the B2B Content Marketing Conference is the biggest event for Ukraine in this 2016th! This cool “party” is placed in November 16th. There is nothing more professional for specialists in this field nowadays, says Yurii Shyrin CEO and founder of Agency of Industrial Marketing.

Industrial marketing experts, including B2B experts, are highly limited in their budgets so they should carefully watch that every penny is spent as efficiently as possible. Under such conditions, the main instrument for the purpose of B2B marketing is hyper targets content. However, in most industrial markets there is still a real hunger for high-quality content. 

We give you 5 reasons why Content Marketing Conference is worth for visiting, according to chief ideologist of event Oleksandr Yurchak. 

So, here you can: 
1. see the best domestic practices and cases; 
2. realize your own level and possible priorities; 
3. see and meet the first provider of content marketing; 
4. join the community of B2B professionals; 
5. define your development strategy in content marketing. 

The Agency of Industrial Marketing is a partner of the Conference. AIM is using the methods of content marketing for a long time in our business as well as providing such services as "Market-Connect" – based on ‘hipertargeting’ LEADgenerating companies (e-mail + voice) for the core industrial markets segments for 7 countries. 

Published at 08 11 2016 Update at 19 12 2017