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Measurement of Loyalty to Customer's Products

Author: Yuriy Shchyrin
Date of publication: 14.03.2017
Category: Cases


Roofing materials (metal tiles) manufacturer.


Ukraine's metal tile market is quite big, having a number of available brands from different countries and manufacturers.

Range of products normally includes several types of metal tiles differing in steel quality, zinc content, wave form and height, sheet width and thickness. In addition, some companies have fully-integrated production of metal, i.e. personally manufacture steel and monitor quality at all stages of its production, while the others purchase steel to suit their needs.

Apart from the metal tiles, a majority of manufacturers also offer the full range of roofing accessories and equipment, such as roofing strips, drainback systems, snow guards, ladders and running boards.  


Our Contact Center has been contacted by one of the metal tile manufacturers requesting Mystery Shopper service.

Our task was measuring the level of metal tile sellers' loyalty to the products of the customer company, using Mystery Shopper service. This implied:

  • learning which metal tile brands are recommended in retail outlets, and whether sellers specifically recommend the products offered by the customer company;
  • identifying key factors contributing to  recommendation of specific products by any given brand, as well as customer's brand;
  • assessing the seller's service quality.


To accomplish the task entrusted, the Contact Center's team has chosen the method of computer-assisted telephone interviewing, commonly referred to as CATI. A legend and a detailed script of conversation with the seller have been developed; feedback of all respondents has been duly recorded throughout the survey.

Within the framework of the project, 80 sellers in retail outlets engaged in selling metal tiles have been surveyed.

Project duration - 7 days.

Project geography - Ukraine. 


Upon conduction of the survey, the customer has been provided with a detailed report containing the following information:

  • l commercially-available brands of metal tiles (countries of production) and their distribution in retail outlets; check of the customer's products availability in retail outlets;
  • l list of brands recommended by the sellers and information on how frequently each of them is recommended;
  • l list of brands recommended instead of or apart from the customer's products; this information enables to identify company's key competitors;
  • l list of reasons why the sellers  recommend a particular metal tiles manufacturer, and why they specifically recommend the products offered by the customer company; such information reveals brand's strengths and helps establish whether subjective positioning aligns with the company's positioning;
  • range of prices for the products of the customer company and its competitors; this allows to check which price segment customer's products get in and figure out whether any price adjustments should be made.

Benefit for Customer Company:

We have also developed additional scenarios, with the help of which AIM Connect's "secret shoppers" were able to find out whether surveyed sellers provide their customers with additional services on a free-of-charge or paid basis, and whether they sell roofing accessories in addition to the roofing material. Based on this information, the company got the chance to offer the market something brand-new which is in no way similar to what competitors already have to offer.

About Mystery Shopper Service

AIM Connect offers Mystery Shopper service aimed at assessing the service quality in your company. This is done through:

  • assessment of Sales Managers' work by making a phone call, filling out forms on the website;
  • assessment of service quality in retail outlet.

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