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Market participant sentiment in the construction market: most experts feel no change in state regulation in 2016

Yuriy Shchyrin
Category | Blog

14% of the surveyed construction market participants said that the state regulation of business has moderated in 2016. In particular, they note a number of positive changes, including reducing customs duties on imports of raw materials, as well level of corruption perceived to go down. By contrast, 28% of respondents claim that state interference in their activities has increased. 
This share of respondents are displeased with the changes in the tax code, lack of VAT refund and complain of frequent inspections by regulatory authorities. In addition, 53% of respondents claimed they have not felt any change. 
The survey was conducted this fall by Agency of Industrial Marketing in the course of study of construction index of wholesale purchases AIM-conX. Overall, 108 professionals of the building market were interviewed.

Published at 19 10 2016 Update at 19 12 2017