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News of participation in the exhibition AIM

Yuriy Shchyrin
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News of participation in the exhibition AIM

Not by Oktoberfest alone Munich lives this fall. In autumn city also gets the status of the world center of business activity, since during this time there are a variety of business exhibitions, seminars and conferences held nearly daily.

On October 26-27, delegates from over 180 companies from Americas, Europe, Asia and Africa will gather for the world's largest event of marketing analytics and research: Research & Results 2016. Without exaggeration, one can claim that these days Munich will draw the attention of all the major players in this market; and the Germany will play fist fiddle in the world of marketing analysis and research. The matter is that no other country can boast of this kind of exhibitions. It is the very place where the latest trends and techniques of marketing will be presented to the world.

Agency of Industrial Marketing is the only Ukrainian company participating in the Research & Results 2016. At the exhibition, AIM will present its coverage of a group of markets Central and Eastern Europe and Asia.
Published at 20 10 2016 Update at 19 12 2017