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Your competitors

Get to know the total quantity of the companies on your market, first five the most lucrative companies and your profit position. Look at your nearest competitor which is one step ahead of you and see the company which is only one step behind.

Keeping data about your direct competitors you can easily work out the successful stranegy for your company. You can correct tactics and reach the leading market position providing regular monitoring of these indicators.

The dynamics on your market

Want to grow and maximize profits? AIM has everything you need to be able to successfully launch a new product or service on the market with minimal risk and at no extra cost. We share with you information about market dynamics in manufacturing, company revenues, imports and exports, the biggest players in the market. Data analytics will help you build an actionable strategy that leads your business to success.

Your potential customers

Your customers are your profit. Don't waste your time, communicate with anyone interested in you right away. Start a relationship with a prospect right away. AIM gives you access to information that you see companies worthy of your attention and effort, their profits, products, first in import and export, the best in production, the most successful in the market. You will have your potential clients and the information you need to successfully negotiate with them.


Dear customers!

All data are taken from open state registers of Ukraine, as well as personal analytical data obtained legally.

The relevance of the information may not be true due to the irregular updating of the databases of state registers of Ukraine.

You can get up-to-date information by contacting our specialists.

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TP is important and simple

There may be significant monetary penalties on your business if you fail to submit or report on the Controlled Operations and Documentation on time. With the care of you, AIM gives you the opportunity to check whether your company has controlled operations and whether you are covered by the TCU.

Get rid of unnecessary work and unjustified fines

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