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Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI)

Regular evaluation of the customer satisfaction helps to establish a relation between the expected (sometimes imaginary) and the actually received value from the product. This index has an impact on the consumer favor; however, it is rather relative, and so does not always determine the customer loyalty, unlike the Net Promoter Score which is actually linked to the repeat purchases.

Thanks to the methods used to calculate the Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI), we can measure customer emotions, identify pain points, and then, based thereon, work out measures aimed at improving the customer perception of your company.

Knowing the Consumer Satisfaction Index allows to develop and make timely improvements which can enhance overall customer experience and customer journey. Measurements have to be accurately made and integrated into the business processes, so normally they are in the form of simple single-phase and multi-level decision-making systems. The index can be adapted to various buyer personas for complex B2B and B2C markets.