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Marketing Automation

Every executive dreams of making only profitable investment. Marketing is the most crucial, yet the least measurable feature. However, the marketing automation systems can help improve the Client Acquisition Cost (CAC), Customer Lifetime Value (CLTV), and Churn Rate (CR), as well as link together the work of the marketing and sales, using transparent metrics.

The complexity of the consumer buying behavior in B2B markets is explained by the fact that the customer finds your product or service when he or she needs it. The processes aimed at discovering, nurturing and capturing the leads through your online channels cannot be handled manually. They need to be automatized with the help of tools tailored to the needs and specific nature of your business.

The marketing automation tools offered by the AIM provide you with the following functional solutions:

  • Content creation and promotion with the highest personalization level;
  • Lead generation and management by measuring the degree of their interest at every stage of the sales funnel;
  • Measurement of the marketing efforts’ outcome using a variety of specially adapted metrics such as ROMI, and ROI;
  • Comparison of the outcome of the marketing activities and campaigns aimed at continuous improvement;
  • Resource management for implementation of these tasks.

Marketing Automation allows to dramatically improve the efficiency of your product or service promotion.