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Searching for data and analytics in your industry to grow the business?
AIM provide a full range of marketing research services including PROmni research, business planning, partner search, go to market strategy development, customer experience management (CEM) in various industrial markets of Central, Eastern Europe, and Asia.
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Industrial competence
Understanding an specific of the market sector is the key to high quality analytical reports of AIM. Our experts have the necessary range of expertise and analytical skills to conduct a comprehensive analysis of industrial markets.
Why choose us
Deep specialization in industrial markets
Own wide network of industry professionals and experts
Necessary consideration of local
Own contact center standing ready to help you with inbound and outbound lead generation
Representative offices in Central, Eastern Europe, and Asia
Wide range of services
AIM is a marketing technology provider focusing on your industry. Our distinctive feature is that we tackle our customers’ tasks in the domain of marketing by applying our profound industry expertise.

We are a team of professionals who deliver 17 unique services in analytics, market-connect, e-commerce and data integration with client’s decision support system, lead generating and others. Our aim is to offer reliable data and insights driving further growth of your business.
Agency of Industrial Marketing
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Expand a network of partners worldwide. Networking is not only about meeting new people, but also about sharing ideas and catching opportunities. We stand ready to offer you technical, marketing, and other needed project support in all possible spheres of our competence. To become our partner, leave a request, and we will contact you.
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