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Main About Company Mission and Values
AIM’s Slogan
Your industry’s best fit.
AIM’s Mission
Transformation of the marketing knowledge system into effective, reasonable, profitable solutions.
AIM’s Goal
To continually develop and build market sector competences by focusing on the markets we research.
AIM’s main development vector is the combination of industry competence, cross-industry competence, marketing competence and IT competence.
9 core values of each AIMist


Worthy member of the team, professional, who sincerely shares our corporate values.

Championship Ambitions

Each of us and our team deserve to be winners. Even if we are at the beginning of a new path, we are sure of a future victory.

Constant individual and team development as a form of existence

We live to be better tomorrow than yesterday. AIM is an element in the system of continuous development of each of us. The system has many levels: a personality, a family, a company, a country, the world, the universe.

Trust and Transparency

Productivity is possible only under condition of mutual trust of all AIMists. With our work and life we create a circle of trust and equal opportunities, in which sharing, allocation of information allows to share experience and develop skills.

Curiosity and Innovation

Everyone who joins us has a constant inner interest in finding out true causes and consequences of what surrounds us and makes improving of ourselves and the company organic.

Make the most possible from the minimum available

When we carry out projects, we draw the maximum effect from existing resources, constantly optimize the ways of task performing. When something seems impossible, it means we have not found a way to solve the problem yet. Resource efficiency is a way of thinking in AIM.

Our Clients are our friends

We are interested in the success of our clients and do our best to create more added value.

Passion for quality

We won’t calm down until we are sure in the high standards of quality of the work performed. Doing work qualitatively is doing it well, even if you know that there will not be any checks.

Support and Reciprocity

We are always ready to support professionals who work in client companies and provide them with information to help them adapt at a new workplace in a new market or in a new industry.