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How to avoid pain in the neck triggered by 2017 transfer pricing?
Category: Transfer pricing
How to avoid pain in the neck triggered by 2017 transfer pricing?
Alla Megel, 02.02.18
Which portion of the analytics should be outsourced to the outside executors?
Category: Business analytics
The analytical subdivision – either in the form of an individual job position or entire department – is a must-have for the medium-sized to large companies.
Alla Megel, 20.12.17
Trade offer: how to evaluate its effectiveness
Category: Cases
One of the most effective tools for increasing sales is a trade offer. It is an obligatory instrument in B2B markets, wh...
Yuriy Shchyrin, 05.09.17
AIM Academy finishes its first international project.
Category: Articles
July in the Agency of Industrial Marketing appeared to be rich in joyous momentous events. One of them was the successfu...
Yuriy Shchyrin, 16.08.17
First Class of AIM Academy's Graduates
Category: Articles
It has not been long since the Agency of Industrial Marketing has made an announcement about the opening of its own Acad...
Yuriy Shchyrin, 01.06.17
Contact Center for Kobzov Circus
Category: Cases
Kobzov Circus is one of Ukraine's largest circuses. Currently, it has three moving circus complexes equipped at a state-...
Yuriy Shchyrin, 20.04.17
Contact Center: Luxury or Necessity?
Category: Articles
Today, Contact Center is an essential part of any business that strives to maintain active communication with its custom...
Yuriy Shchyrin, 23.03.17
Measurement of Loyalty to Customer's Products
Category: Cases
One of the manufacturers of metal tiles for the "Secret Buyer" service turned to our contact center. Our task is to det...
Yuriy Shchyrin, 14.03.17
AIM Opens its Academy
Category: Articles
It seems that today, more than ever before, the world is changing in the twinkling of an eye. New technologies and jobs ...
Yuriy Shchyrin, 07.02.17
UCSC and AIM agreed on cooperation
Category: Articles
On December, 17, AIM's representatives met with executive management and leading analysts from the Ukrainian centre of s...
Yuriy Shchyrin, 19.01.17
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year
Category: Articles
Dear friends! Another year filled with great achievements and experience is coming to the end. You and our friendship ha...
Yuriy Shchyrin, 28.12.16
AIM Poland in Ukraine: Uniting opportunities and sharing experience
Category: Articles
They say, strike the iron while it is hot. So, we yielded to the advice clearly understanding that procrastination is the thief of time and opportunities. On December, 6-7, AIM Poland (BBS Obserw
Yuriy Shchyrin, 08.12.16