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AIM’s industries:
Crop farming
Cattle breeding
Agricultural engineering
Construction materials
Building technologies
Translucent structures
Energy efficiency
Technologies and products for military use
Technologies and products for military use
Weapon and individual protection equipment
Heavy industry
Heavy industry
Mechanical engineering
Engineering Systems
Engineering Systems
Climate equipment (HVAC)
Lighting technology
Hydraulic and pneumatic equipment
Electrical engineering
Water supply and processing
Packaging and packing materials
Health care
Health care
Clinics, treatment and technology
Diagnostic centers and technologies
Distribution of medications, supplies and equipment
Home, garden, office
Home, garden, office
Bathroom fitting
Gardening equipment
Safety and security
DIY supermarkets
Auto industry, transport and logistics
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How to calculate risks?
How to calculate project economics?
Pro Analytics 2
In-house database and Big Data Processing Algorithms through machine learning
Conclusions, solutions
We offer forecasts and conclusions, along with data integration in your environment
Easy access to ordered information
Expert Network
The biggest expert network in Eastern Europe
Non-disclosure and secure data storage
Investment valuation types
Market analysis
  • Macroeconomics
  • Competitive situation based on manufacturers / suppliers
  • Competitive situation in adjacent markets (based on alternative products), structure of the general thermal insulation market broken down by groups of materials and services
  • Consumption
  • Suppliers of materials and services
  • Demand in export partner countries, export prospect evaluation
Business case with a cash flow model
  • Assessment of the necessary investment costs for the product construction and start-up of business, depending on the optimization task
  • Forecast of operating expenses
  • Forecast of operating income
  • Payback period of the project
  • Net present value of the project
  • The internal rate of return in the project
Script analysis
  • Estimation of the target location of production using the methods of optimizing the location in remoteness from the consumer, raw materials and competitors
  • Calculation of production capacity depending on the optimization problem
  • Development of price strategies that determine payback periods depending on the optimization problem
  • Business model of products sales (local market / export, target groups of consumers, etc.)
Optimization task setting
  • The shortest payback period for investments
  • The highest profitability (internal rate of return)
  • Largest business value (net present value of investments)
  • The largest market share
  • The fastest way to operational Break Even Point
  • Limitations of investment to some level
  • Limited list of geographic locations for review
  • Other possible restrictions / preferences of investors
Cash flow valuation
  • Possible production of line capacity
  • The amount of investment costs by increments of capacity to start production capacity
  • Amount of investment costs for land acquisition + permits in a regional cut
  • The sum of other investment costs for the components that need to be incurred to start the production
  • Operating component costs expected for each group within the available options with the understanding of the constants and variables

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