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Contact Center for Kobzov Circus

Author: Yuriy Shchyrin
Date of publication: 20.04.2017
Category: Cases


Kobzov Circus is one of Ukraine's largest circuses. Currently, it has three moving circus complexes equipped at a state-of-the-art level. Every year, the circus presents several breathtaking shows and holds two International Circus Festivals, "Golden Trick of Kobzov" and "Stars of the Future" where artists from all around the globe get the chance to show their talents and compete with each other. This is a place where new circus stars are being born. Kobzov's team brings together famous performers: prizewinners and laureates of renowned circus festivals.

Kobzov Circus sees its mission in preserving Ukrainian circus traditions and becoming the most advanced and developed circus in the country, having left its competitors far behind.

Kobzov circusIndustry 

Entertainment, Circus Art

Features of Business Activities in the Industr

Entertainment business is developing by leaps and bounds, offering people more and more recreational activities and giving them fresh emotions and experiences.

Today, being a part of this large industry, the circus needs to compete with many other companies and venues offering entertainment, such as the zoos, amusement rides, recreation-and-entertainment parks, movie theatres, theaters and many more.

In order to boost competitiveness and revenues, entertainment and recreation companies try introducing new forward-thinking forms of recreation, customer service and communication. What is essential in this particular industry is to promptly react to customer's requests, provide exhaustive answers to the questions and ensure that the customer gets a satisfying and hassle-free experience when booking and obtaining the tickets for events. This, in turn, helps to keep the customers interested without letting them switch to something else.  


In the late 2014, Director at Kobzov Circus contacted our AIM Connect Contact Center asking for assistance. The company has been developing and growing rapidly, the number of people who wished to see the shows of the circus has been increasing, and so the company needed to ensure interactive communication with its target audience.

The first-priority tasks included:

  • hotline service: management of customers' incoming requests, in particular provision of responses to questions and relevant information regarding event time, event and venue, circus program, etc.;
  • handling complaints.

Solution and Outcome 

In the beginning of 2015, when co-operation between AIM Connect and Kobzov Circus was established, the latter had 1 circus tent and 1 show titled "Circus Angels." The circus toured around 18 Ukrainian cities.

To make cooperation even more efficient, AIM Connect's team has developed and launched 3 additional services, namely:

  • booking of tickets for Circus show; conversion on redeemed tickets reached 40%;

  • ticket delivery;

  • telemarketing/lead generation (sales of tickets for Circus' events to corporate clients).

We became an outsourced contact center for Kobzov Circus – inbound and outbound call and customer service center. 

We were able to quickly and efficiently cope with any changes happening in the circus, such as changed tour schedule and program, while providing the customers with only high-quality and up-to-date information. On top of that, our operators recorded every comment and suggestion of the visitors, helping the Circus to better understand its audience's needs and interests.

In 2016, the circus has already had 2 circus tents and 2 shows, namely "Circus Angels" and "Woozu". Tour geography now covered 29 cities. We have enabled CallBacker service and started accepting e-requests and applications from the customers who could fill out a special form on the website. This helped reduce customer loss and arrange two-way communication process with them.

In 2017, Kobzov Circus has 3 tent circuses and even more shows to offer, in particular "Circus Angels," "Extreme Show" and "Circus of Italy". Now it is planning to visit 136 cities. The circus is expanding and moving forward, along with us.

contact centerBenefit for the Customer 

Aside from information provision and ticket booking services, we prepare detailed analytical reports based on operating data for the Circus' Top Management on a daily basis. These reports contain information on the number of booked tickets, advertising media efficiency (the customers are asked how they learnt about the Circus), as well as sociodemographic indicators of the customers.

The Circus may at any time receive any information about our activities and call the hotline, checking our professionalism and high-quality service. In our work, we strictly follow Kobzov Circus In-House Standards and Regulations, and international quality standards for services provided by contact centers.

About the services of AIM Connect contact-center

AIM Connect is a specialized contact-center which provides B2B services ranging from informing, hotline, polls, market research to lead-generation (through targeting), measurement of clients and partners' loyalty (with NPS method), service quality measurement (with Mystery Shopper method), retail audit, etc. Industrial competence of AIM Connect specialists covers 15 industries with more than 100 segments of industrial markets.