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Agency of Industrial Marketing is a company that has been operating in the field of industrial marketing for over 14 years. The companies which are on Fortune 500 list are among AIM’s clients. Today, the Agency is evolving dynamically in the field of industrial marketing analytics and inbound marketing, applying new approaches and mechanisms. In light of the rapidly developing business activities, we are pleased to invite you to apply and compete for the job position of the Office Manager. We are looking for a self-sufficient individual who will share the AIM’s corporate values whole-heartedly and is willing to move forward, perfect oneself and grow professionally as a part of our team.


  • Financial accounting
  • Document control
  • Performance of assignments entrusted by the Chief Accountant
  • Ordering and accounting of the goods needed for the office operation
  • Requirements:
  • Understanding and ability to use 1C:Accounting software
  • Understanding and ability to use 1C:Small business management software
  • MS Excel advanced user

Knowledge of the tax laws and accounting standards

  • Minimum working experience in holding a similar position or university student (recently graduated (starting from 4th year) with economic majors)
  • Responsibility and attention to the details
  • Readiness to multitask
  • English language skills will be considered an advantage

We offer:

  • Rewarding career in a passionate and ambitious team
  • Efficient and innovative working approach based on SCRUM methodology
  • Access to the AIM Academy’s training programs, including marketing and marketing research programs
  • Adaptation system, career and professional advancement
  • Decent salary based on the results of the interview
  • Full-time working day (9am - 6pm Mon-Fri)
  • Comfortable bright office

YOU’VE GOT A CHANCE to join our team!