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Business Model

The success of any business direction largely depends on the business model chosen among the hundreds of existing options. Based on our extended experience in analytical research and consulting services, we can safely state that each business is absolutely unique, and thus needs to have its own custom-built business model. We will analyze the logic behind your profit generation strategy and design the most efficient business model by equipping it with relevant IT tools and techniques.

Business model audit

Your company can either move forward using hit-and-miss method, or choose a lot faster and more cost-efficient way offered by the Agency of Industrial Marketing. Based on our marketing research using the tools designed to test hypotheses and prototypes on the focus groups, we can check your existing business model and create simulation tools to test the offered changes. By doing so, you will be able to examine the effectiveness of specific managerial decisions without wasting time, money and efforts of your employees. Even mildly modified business model can ensure strong competitive advantages.