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Happy birthday, АІМ! We have turned 13!
Author: Svitlana Domanchuk
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September 2018

When talking about the anniversary, Yuriy Shchyrin, founder and CEO at the Agency of Industrial Marketing likes to jokingly refer to a poem “I was thirteen” by legendary Ukrainian poet Taras Shevchenko. 13 years in business: is it a lot or not? We have come a long way since then and this path was filled with many challenges, hard work and hope of success.  

Having a sense of purpose gives people an additional source of energy to move forward, becoming the wind beneath their wings, if you will. And what they have created will later bring value to the others. 

Yuriy Shchyrin, founder and CEO at АІМ

"What does AIM mean to me?” Yuriy reflects. “AIM is a dream. It was born when I was working for another company and saw many shortcomings which would not let a professional, a person wishing to become a true craftsman, to improve and move forward.

You often hear them say "expert", "professional"... But it comes down to being a craftsman. The word "technique" is translated from Latin as "skill". So, basically the excellence is the primary essence of technique. The craftsmen not only know their craft, but perfect it their entire life. They are unsparing in their efforts to know their niche inside out.

My dream was to build a company which would bring together outstanding craftsmen, a company where people would feel at ease doing what they feel most passionate about.

In other words, AIM is a dream which I believe and am confident in 100%!"

AIM's office

Today, AIM is a workshop - metaphorically speaking - that includes 30 professionals engaged in project management. They strive for excellence, without ever resting on their laurels. Aside from that, they make the most out of their strong suits while making up for the weaknesses that every human being has.

The history of AIM’s incorporation started when Yuriy managed to make $20k in just 3 months having as much as a computer placed on a chair.

He recalls, "Back in 2005, all I had was a chair. My schoolmate helped me rent an apartment, an office of sorts. I have quit my job at the time, and was writing market analytics sitting in the kitchen. I really wanted to do this …

In 2007, the agency was able to hire its first employee.

2008 marked a milestone in my life - my first daughter was born. With arrival of a baby, I’ve got all this new energy and plans I wanted to realize. The world offers brand-new opportunities which you would be unable to recognize without having kids.

In 2010, we already had our Call Center. This is when we started thinking about scaling up. With the Call Centre, we could do so much more. At that point, we had an ambition to automate and digitalize these processes which would let us make a leap forward. 

The Revolution of Dignity in 2014 allowed me to globalize my views. As a matter of fact, at this point it isn't just a Ukrainian-Russian war, but rather a civilization war where one civilization wishes to preserve a vertical tyranny and fight against decentralized resource allocation management systems. Since the onset of the war, the AIM has reached international level."

AIM team welcomes Yuriy Shchyrin back as he returns from the front line

Agency of Industrial Marketing is a unique company where the work atmosphere itself urges those having a strong determination to move forward and reach the top.

Obviously, a lot depends on the personality of the CEO. Yuriy's lifestyle is all about non-stop workout, positive outlook and work with a focus on future prospects. Naturally, his employees pick these vibes, since spending the biggest portion of our day at work and interacting with those we work alongside can have a major impact on our lives as well.

Agency’s team includes people of all ages, the youngest being 22, and the oldest being 53. It stands to mention that Yuriy hires his fellow ATO veterans. He is on the first-name terms with them, they are able to understand each other like nobody else. The founder of the company noticed that these are the people you can count on unconditionally, because the war itself put them to the biggest test... They battled death and won this fight.

This is what veteran businessman touched upon at the All-Ukrainian Forum of Volunteers and Veterans "Ukraine Is Where We Are" which took place on August 22, 2018. His keynote was that the "veterans represent a competitive advantage for the company."

Yuriy Shchyrin participates in the Forum of Volunteers and Veterans "Ukraine Is Where We Are"

Yuriy emphasized the greatest, most outstanding traits of the man who went through the furnace of war and shared his insights on how these qualities contribute to work and business development overall. Veterans are the people you can rely on without a second thought, they are ready for the challenges and are passionate about winning. The list goes on, since every person is unique.

Own football team has a prominent place in AIM’s corporate culture. Players meet for a training three times a week at 7:15 a.m. This in itself is a true barometer of self-discipline and stamina.

The team made it to the semi-final of the Street Football Challenge Kyiv and invites everyone wishing to play football and win to join their ranks.

AIM’s football team

"I strongly believe that every Ukrainian can become what he or she aspires to be, and that it doesn’t depend on friends, relatives, or a president," Yuriy Shchyrin shares his views. “Self-made man is a concept of public respect for those who become successful through their own efforts. Without a helping hand from their parents, big startup capital, or some family ties. These are the people who make money by working hard and using their brain.

I’m most interested in these self-made people who achieve everything on their own and hold themselves accountable for the choices they make and the companies they build."

So, let’s take the responsibility and conquer the new heights!

Happy Birthday, dear АІМ! We are wishing you tremendous success and great business achievements!

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