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Life Story: path of the intern analyst

Oleksandra Konopatska
Author: Oleksandra Konopatska
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April 2018

Oksana is an intern analyst at the Agency of Industrial Marketing. She has previously studied Business Administration at the Middle East Technical University located in Ankara where she has acquired solid knowledge in economics. Currently, she continues her studies at the Kyiv Polytechnic Institute, majoring in Foreign Economic Activity Management.

The ability to work with data coupled with partiality towards econometrics and mathematics have prompted Oksana to start building her career as a Business Analyst and work with Big Data, Data Science and Machine Learning.

Oksana embarked on the path towards success at the Agency of Industrial Marketing in early 2018.

Right off the bat, she has dived into the world of industrial market analytics.

«I find the experience of AIM’s analysts extremely insightful. They know what to work on and are very knowledgeable in the industries, – Oksana shares. – During the first week, I dived right into work, exploring structure and classification of the industries. That way, I was able to get a clear picture of what the company deals with».

As of today, Oksana assists analysts with data processing and takes part in coordination of the data analysis automation. In particular, she has worked on the market analysis for BOSCH and internal arrangement of implemented projects.

1) Work on BOSCH.

The team of analysts was faced with a task to analyze the trends of the market for frequency modifiers for asynchronous motors and ball screws.

The market capacity and potential, as well as the competitors’ strong and weak segments have been successfully identified and examined.

The biggest challenge was the large amount of data for analysis, since processing big data manually posed a major problem. However, the AIM managed to cut down on the time needed for completion of this assignment thanks to the engagement of IT Department.

2) Work on the expansion of the Agency’s knowledge database (knowledge management).

Oksana was assigned to this task during her first weeks of work at the AIM. What she had to do was consolidate the information relating to implemented projects, make a classification by industry and information collection / processing methods, as well as enhance the project history using the required information which included over two and a half thousand completed projects!

Essentially, this «in-house» task allowed Oksana to gain an understanding of the scope of AIM's business activities and learn more about offered services and researched markets.

Today, Oksana is engaged in implementation of about five analytical projects as part of the analyst team on equal terms and receives a portion of the bonus fund based on the complexity of the completed tasks.

Oksana and rules

Oksana gets inspired by the Agency’s values, as well as the system of internal work arrangement and the teamwork across departments.

The AIM’s team, including the Analytics Department operates according to the SCRUM, an innovative project management system designed to speed up the work and improve efficiency while enabling tactical planning of the business operation.

Oksana learnt about SCRUM at the AIM, and within the very first week read the book by Jeff Sutherland, one of the inventors of the SCRUM software development process. This is how the Agency of Industrial Marketing became Oksana’s first experience in working as a part of the professional team.

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