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AIM Academy finishes its first international project.

Author: Yuriy Shchyrin
Date of publication: 16.08.2017
Category: News

July in the Agency of Industrial Marketing appeared to be rich in joyous momentous events. One of them was the successful completion of the first international project of AIM Academy - internship of foreign students at AIM.


A month ago, when Ahmet Alisan Alcan (Turkey), Alexandra Dominika Ozga (Poland), Zou Yuxin (April) (China), Joao Gabriel Miziara (Brazil) and Denys Antipov (Ukraine) stepped over the threshold of the AIM office, an adventure started for them, a Quantum leap from the theoretical base of the university to real practical business tasks. Of course they came from abroad with their goals, and for us it was a kind of challenge to combine their expectations with the needs of AIM. So, since there are a lot of tasks and there is always a lack of hands, Interns got an impressive plan of work for the month that they had to spend at the Agency.

The Internship was conducted on the basis of the Department of Marketing, as they are currently mastering this specialty at their universities. For a month of work at AIM, interns tried marketing from different sides, tried themselves in different roles - analysts, e-mail marketing specialists, content developers, SMMs, and Google Adwords advertisers.

notebookThey took the initiative and generated ideas; every Wednesday and Friday they reported on the results of their work according to the plan and learned to give reasons for their actions.

With small steps each of them started a big project which will be continued.

The time spent at AIM has become for Alisan, Aleksandra, April, Joao and Denys the time of opportunities, a chance to reveal their abilities, to try marketing as it is, to define the vector of further movement in their education and future career.

The month for interns flew like a day - in combination of marketing practice at AIM and practical learning of Ukraine - through travelling, language learning, communicating with Ukrainians.
And finally, the day has come to summarize all and hand over certificates about the successful completion of the internship!

The whole AIM team congratulates you and wishes you new achievements! Discover yourselves, look for opportunities and use them for continuous development and progress!