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AIM is expanding: welcome AIM Poland

Yuriy Shchyrin
Author: Yuriy Shchyrin
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November 2016

The Agency of Industrial Marketing has officially proved its international development vector by opening a representative office AIM Poland in Krakow. The aim is rather bold and ambitious: we strive to be as close to our clients and partners in Eastern and Central Europe as possible (especially when they ask about this!). 

welcome to our worldYuriy Shchyrin, CEO and Founder of AIM, says that at present more and more Ukrainian companies are becoming interested in new foreign markets, especially the European Union one, and in the nearest future we will witness how Ukrainian trademarks go global.

AIM team came to the conclusion that operating only in Ukraine without physical presence in other countries they won't be able to objectively evaluate all opportunities of foreign markets and help their clients to enter them successfully to the best advantage. So, the decision was made. Now welcome AIM's Central European office in Krakow: BBS Obserwator which is a famous Polish research agency from now will represent AIM Poland. The Polish team unites experienced analysts who have carried out an array of social projects and hundreds of research covering various industries and markets (including FMCG, Pharmaceuticals, Airports, etc). 

team AIM Poland

Przemek Budziło, CEO, and Jacek Socała, a Managing Partner, of BBS Obserwator see a successful strategic move in uniting efforts and going internationally together with the Agency of Industrial Marketing.

AIM Poland will cooperate with clients and partners in the markets of Central Europe and carry out research in order to provide necessary data for Ukrainian companies which plan to enter the EU market.

The Agency of Industrial Marketing is developing and expanding in order to provide YOU – our clients and partners – with high quality innovative products in those markets where you are.

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