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First Class of AIM Academy's Graduates

Author: Yuriy Shchyrin
Date of publication: 01.06.2017
Category: News

It has not been long since the Agency of Industrial Marketing has made an announcement about the opening of its own Academy, and today is the day when we are expressing our congratulations to its first graduates. The employees at GfK Company - one of the leaders in marketing and social research field - have completed two advanced training courses in statistical analysis and data management using SPSS. The training has been conducted by Oksana Chernenko, Lead Lecturer in Department of Industrial Marketing, Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute and AIM Academy Director. 

Three months of intensive training later and finally a hand-over of certificates for persistence and successful completion of the final test.First Class of AIM Academy's Graduates

The ceremony has been opened by Oksana Chernenko, Academy Director who thanked her students for efficient work and wished them success in further education and personal growth.

"It is a festive and joyous day today, for we are completing our rather long-term and complex project. I would like to thank all of you for the assistance you provided me with in the course of our every meeting. A special "thank you" goes out to you for your sense of humor, brilliant questions which I sometimes found rather puzzling and your paperworks.

I am thankful to you for the hard work which, I strongly believe, will aid in your advancement up the corporate ladder. May this training not be your last one. I would like all of you to have a desire to continue learning and improving yourself in order to become even more top-ranked specialists, because every single one of you is the company's valuable asset. I wish everyone, including the company a great success".

Yuriy Shchyrin, CEO at the Agency of Industrial Marketing has also congratulated the AIM Academy graduates on successful completion of the training course.

"It is a great honour for me to be at GfK. In terms of performance quality, as well as analytical expertise associated with marketing research, I believe GfK is a number-one market leader. In the presence of Company's CEO Oleksandr Fedoryshyn, I am happy to say that this is our third co-project, this time in the field of education, and I hope that both parties find it fruitful. I hope that you will be proud of the gained knowledge, certificates that you will receive and will continue conquering further mountains".

Lesya Kryvoslytska, Head of Human Resources Department at GfK has thanked the lecturer of the training course and students for self-discipline and responsible attitude to the classes.

"I for one would also like to thank you, Oksana. I was somewhat afraid of this project, ar regards to organization and discipline of the colleagues. However, everything went smoothly. Thank you everyone. I hope we will continue doing this".

Happy moments during the certificates hand-over ceremony accompanied by the comments of the training course lecturer!

Both the students and the lecturer were pleased with the cooperation and discuss a program of the next training.

See you next time at AIM Academy!